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This comic was designed to participate in a conference about phycic health and madness, organised by a mental health activist group Initiative for a Diverse Movement in Mental Health, in 3 & 4 of March 2023.

The central themes of the comic are incarceration and obligation of treatment. An initial inspitation was the tragic deaths of people dying from fire while being chained on beds and abandoned inside mental institutes. Inside the comic there are several references to old greek rock songs, such as "Για το καλό μου" (For my own good), "Η πρώτη φορά" (The first time) and "Η ελευθερία δε νικιέται" (Freedom cannot be defeated). There is also an indirect reference on how most states chose to deal with the covid crisis.

The visual style follows my older comic "For a breath of freedom".

The translation of the comic was made by Ntina Poursanidou.



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These illustrations were made in oder to participate in a contest in deviantart with the sublect "Arcane Idol". In each image there should be a logo, a magic talisman and equipment.

I made two images:

Zhen was a blind dancer wandering in South China and dancing by the rivers with her veils. However she had little success until she found a magical music instrument that could play melodies never heard before. Since then people from all Asia gather to see and hear Zhen while she dances over the waters. Magical talisman: The Qin instrument Equipement: Her veils

Amelyn was an actress and storyteller in medieval Florence. Even though she was well respected she had little success. One day she found a magic scroll with infinite captivating and never heard before stories that could affect directly the audience's feelings. Instantly she became a spectacle everybody wanted to see -from kings to simple people and was invited to perform in all Europe. Magical Talisman: Scroll with endless stories Equipment: Masks and cape

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This illustration was made in oder to participate in a deviantart contest with subject A Cosmic Corsair

I choose an alien octupus as a family crest and a robot parrot laser gun as a trusty weapon.

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Some first posters for my comic "for a breath of freedom" which was published in 2016 by the publication project Asymmetric Threat

The comic through the story of a girl held under special detention conditions tries to speak about imprisonment, special detention conditions, the sexist and abusive treatment by the guards, the strength and resistance that come from solidarity.

The second poster in the gallery below is based on the front cover of the comic which used an older painting of mine called "BW Portrait".

Published in Posters of my works

Another romantic story with Rhodes landscape at the left and Syros at the right. The theme with the girl and the balloon has appeared also in another painting of mine.

The paintings were given as a gift to a friendly couple.

In 2013 the painting with syros illustrated the front cover of a freepress magazine called Serious. 

Published in Figurative

These are some illustrations i made for a child book (by George Gouzounis) that was published in Australia by the Greek Community.

The outline of this short story goes like this: A young girl (Ellie) returns home one day from school and finds a small monster in her room. However she doesn't remove it and says she will do it tomorrow. This goes on quite a while with the monster growing up rapidly and doing damages. At the end the monster is so big that she has to ask for help by her mother and together they manage to drive it away.

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Sketches I made with antifascist (and anti-nazi) topic. Most of them deal with the nazist party Golden Dawn. 

Published in Sketches

The last years i have created (or designed) a number of web pages mostly as part of my job and sometimes helping some friends. In some of the cases apart from the site I designed the logos and banners of the companies also.

A great number of these works were made in collaboration with a friend of mine and his company WDesign in Corfu.

This joomla-based site that displays my work is also created by me, but i didn't add it to the list below for obvious reasons.

Published in Multimedia

This is a small medieval fairytale about a lost kingdom, kings and dragons, and people that finally wake up...
It is made with flash and it's based on a 4pages comic of 2010
You can see the comic in the gallery below (or read more about it here)


Once Upon a Time was presented at the Animasyros 6.0 festival (2013) and in the two day event "Tribute to Epic Fantasy: Greek Creators", by the independent movie projection area Cinemarian (Athens, march 2015)


See the animation here (swf)

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This is an animation where a young man is forced to work more and more by a gigantic figure until at one point he realizes there is something peculiar at the difference of their size.


Size was chosen to be presented (amongst other digital works) at the Video Art Festival in Athens, 18-20 May 2012 and at the Antifascist Festival in Syros, 7-11 June 2012. It was also presented (and participated in the contest area) at the Animasyros 5.0 Festival in Syros (Sept. 2012) and at as part of the animasyros collection it was also presented at the Moving Silence festival in Athens (spring 2013) at the Days of Rethymno festival (2013) at the Animafest festival (Cyprus 2013) and at the 8th Festival of Audiovisual Arts in Corfu (May 2014)


See the animation here (swf)

Published in Animations
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