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This 3d work was based on the painting Piazza d' Italia by Giorgio de Chirico, in 1913. I wanted to create a more "textured" image than the original which resulted in a slightly different view from the painting.

I was interested more in the creation of a mood (an appropriate "mysterious" atmosphere suitable for the painting) than the modeling. The particles are created partly in lightwave (the train's smoke for example) and partly in aftereffects (dust). I used some ready models from sites like metahumanity (like the two people talking at the left) and the high poly train at the back.

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This is a small 3d work based on the painting with the same title from the spanish painter Francisco de Jurbaran around 1660.

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This 3d work is based on the early cubistic painting "Fishing Boats" (1909) of Georges Braque (you can see the painting in the gallery below). It is the first 3d work of a series based on famous artworks. 

Initially I wanted just to recreate the space of the painting but afterwards I planned a small story that ended up as a small movie (you can see it in the movies section). The "story" is influenced by the painting of course, but also by some irish folk songs and sea shanties I started listening to recently. It's a foggy afternoon -night and a storm is coming. A boat and a fisherman is outside fishing while the others are drinking and singing in the pub....

The 3d modeling is quite basic here -partly because i wanted to remain close to a sharp cubistic look, and partly because Fishing boats was the first attempt to make something with 3d means after a very long period of time.

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This 3d work (made in Lightwave 3d) was an exercise for my postgraduate studies in Asfa (for digital arts) during 2005.

Its story concerns a young guy dressed in a punk outfit preparing a bomb inside his room. Outside there is night. We can see a deserted park and a policecar.

As it is my earliest successful effort to make a movie with a proper storyline made completely by 3d means, this work has many flaws. I had some difficulties with the quality (and the brightness) of the rendered scenes, the animations are not natural and as for the script i think it is quite difficult for the viewer to understand the symbolic meaning of the first sequence.

However, i hope that it is a decent effort and it can be presented here.

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Summer of 1969, Italy. A year after May '68, FIAT workers began a dynamic and unmediated strike against their powerful boss. Their struggle marked the beginning of a decade of workers' and students' mobilizations and the rise of the Autonomy movement. It was characterized by many as the last invasion of the working class into the sky. Last ... let's hope until the next one ...



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