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Thursday, 10 December 2015 11:37

Jimmy (3d)

This 3d work (made in Lightwave 3d) was an exercise for my postgraduate studies in Asfa (for digital arts) during 2005.

Its story concerns a young guy dressed in a punk outfit preparing a bomb inside his room. Outside there is night. We can see a deserted park and a policecar.

As it is my earliest successful effort to make a movie with a proper storyline made completely by 3d means, this work has many flaws. I had some difficulties with the quality (and the brightness) of the rendered scenes, the animations are not natural and as for the script i think it is quite difficult for the viewer to understand the symbolic meaning of the first sequence.

However, i hope that it is a decent effort and it can be presented here.

Additional Info

  • Medium: Lightwave 3d
  • Date: 2005


Jimmy, 2005

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