Back in late '00s and early '10s I used to make some caricatures mostly inspired by political situations, especially here in Greece. Some of them were used to illustrate animated works while others were standalone sketches. Recently I started again making some works that could be described as caricatures only this time my inspiration came by other fields like literature and art. As I want to continue with this activity (at least as long as I have spare time between my comic works) I decided to create a separate section to present all these works together.

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We Want Everything

the publications of colleagues, Nov. 2021

Summer of 1969, Italy. A year after May '68, FIAT workers began a dynamic and unmediated strike against their powerful boss. Their struggle marked the beginning of a decade of workers' and students' mobilizations and the rise of the Autonomy movement. It was characterized by many as the last invasion of the working class into the sky. Last ... let's hope until the next one ...



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