The death of William George Allum
This comic was inspired by the poems of a greek poet Nikos Kavvadias, and especially the two poems called "William George Allum" and "Marabu". Unfortunately i haven't found any english translations of these two poems (you can find some other translations in this link). I will try and give a... More detail
Journey in the sky
This is a comic about young Leonardo da Vinci and his struggle to create a flying machine and fly. The story is based on an earlier short novel which was divided into two parts: one with an interior monologue (the thoughts of Leonardo) and one with a more “objective” narrative technique completing... More detail
for a breath of freedom
The "for a breath of freedom" was initially written in the autumn of 2014, during hunger strike of N. Romanos and was completed about a year later (early October 2015). It is evident that the struggle of Romanos, alongside with the prisoners’ hunger strike in the spring of ‘15 played a key role in... More detail
BW Portrait
This painting is the result of two things: on the one hand an attempt to exploit a piece of plastic net (which had long been painted black) and a preference i had lately for large portraits. In essence (and not a very original thought i must admit) I thought the net should block something: eyes or... More detail
Untitled (winter is coming)
This semi-abstracted painting was made under the influence of ideas against prisons (the panopticon model gave me the inspiration for the building) and especially the new high security prisons greek state is trying to create. The second title comes from the game of thrones book to express the snow... More detail
This is an animation where a young man is forced to work more and more by a gigantic figure until at one point he realizes there is something peculiar at the difference of their size. Festivals Size was chosen to be presented (amongst other digital works) at the Video Art Festival in... More detail
Once Upon a Time
This is a small medieval fairytale about a lost kingdom, kings and dragons, and people that finally wake up...It is made with flash and it's based on a 4pages comic of 2010You can see the comic in the gallery below (or read more about it here) Festivals Once Upon a Time was presented at the... More detail
Ermoupoli -View from Ano Syros
This painting is quite abstract (I was wondering whether I should put it here or with the others in the abstract -geometrical category). Judging by the fact that it is quite possible to distinguish basic elements of the landscape (such as the sea, the big church on the left, the small island at... More detail
Corfu Rooftops
This landscape, using the same pseudocubic technique as most of my landscapes, depicts an aerial view of the corfu town and was inspired by a real photo. When i saw it,  i was fascinated immediately by the inner structure and geometrical shapes of the picture. Moreover, i wanted to create a... More detail
This landscape is based on a photograph of favelas in Rio. It is actually the same subject with the painting Fences ( different photo of the same site). Using the (pseudo)cubistic technique led to me to some simplifications but i kept some of the figurative elements like windows, or fences. The... More detail
This is a sketch from a photo downloaded from internet. It is a photo of Parthenon (date 1908) by the photographer Fred Boissonnas. You can see more of his work here. I wanted to make it as realistic possible (especially the textures) so it took me quite a long time (almost one day and a half). I... More detail
Universal History of Infamy
This is a series of illustrations i made for the book Universal History of Infamy (or A Universal History of Iniquity, original Spanish title: Historia universal de la infamia) a collection of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, first published in 1935, and... More detail
Revolution Blues
This painting was designed at the same period with the Hunt and shares with it some same concepts and symbols... There is a huge reference to the works with mannequins of several mostly surrealist painters (and especially the ones of Nikos... More detail
The Hunt
Among the themes (or influences) behind this painting one could find chess, paintings with mannequins (like the works of G. De Chirico or N. Engonopoulos), the painting Garden of Earthly Delights (by Hieronymus Bosch), prisons, class struggle, demonstrations, graffiti and slogans on... More detail
This work is consisted of two paintings. The left one is based on the work St. Sebastian (1480) by Andrea Mantegna -while the other is based on the landscape of Gaza (in Palestine). In the first painting at the left the human figure of the saint is replaced with a mannequin. At the background... More detail

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