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Some things about me

About me

My name is Kyriakos Mauridis and my biggest interest is to write and create stories. For that purpose I have developed an interest on visual forms of art both digital and analog. Here you can see some of my works in comics, paintings and sketches but also in movies and video art, 3d modelling/animation, flash animations and illustrations for posters and covers.

My studies were on informatics (at the University of Patras, 1997-2003) and in digital arts (master at the Athens School of Fine Arts, ASFA, 2003-2005).

The last years I work mostly on comics (which i find is the medium most suitable for my storytelling) and paintings.  


  • 2009 React Festival in Syros (with three paintings and a seven -page comic)
  • 2012 Video Art Festival of Athens (with the animation Size)
  • 2012 Antifascist Festival at Siros (with one animation Size, and 4 comics)
  • 2012 Animasyros 5.0 animation festival at Syros (with the animation Size)
  • 2013 Moving Silence festival in Athens (with the animation Size)
  • 2013 Days of Rethymno festival (with the animation Size)
  • 2013 Animafest Cyprus festival (with the animation Size)
  • 2013 Animasyros 6.0 festival (with the animation Once Upon a Time)
  • 2014 8th Festival of Audiovisual Arts in Corfu, 14-18 May (with the animation Size)

  • 2008 A Recording ("Katagrafi"), an exhibition of the works of all students in the postgraduate of ASFA. (a movie, a 3D animation and a video art project)
  • 2009 Exhibition of the award winners and distinguished comics that participated in the 9th contest of the comic magazine "9" (Night Shadows)
  • 2010 Exhibition of the award winners and distinguished comics that participated in the comic contest of the newspaper "Pontiki" (2 comics: Stranger and The Train)
  • 2010 Exhibition of the award winners and distinguished comics that participated in the 10th contest of the comic magazine "9" (Once Upon a Time)
  • 2013 "Α-λήθεια | Nicht-Vergessen: Beobachtungen aus Griechenland in der Krise" (Not-forget: Observations fromGreecein crisis -held at Stuttgart, January 2013) (with some sketches)
  • 2015 Participation with the animation Once Upon a Time in the two day event "Tribute to Epic Fantasy: Greek Creators", by the independent movie projection area Cinemarian (Athens,7th of March)
Publications /Presentations

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