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Thursday, 10 December 2015 12:46

Fishing Boats (3d)

This 3d work is based on the early cubistic painting "Fishing Boats" (1909) of Georges Braque (you can see the painting in the gallery below). It is the first 3d work of a series based on famous artworks. 

Initially I wanted just to recreate the space of the painting but afterwards I planned a small story that ended up as a small movie (you can see it in the movies section). The "story" is influenced by the painting of course, but also by some irish folk songs and sea shanties I started listening to recently. It's a foggy afternoon -night and a storm is coming. A boat and a fisherman is outside fishing while the others are drinking and singing in the pub....

The 3d modeling is quite basic here -partly because i wanted to remain close to a sharp cubistic look, and partly because Fishing boats was the first attempt to make something with 3d means after a very long period of time.

Additional Info

  • Medium: Lightwave 3d, Adobe After Effects
  • Date: 2011


Fishing Boats, 2011

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