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Thursday, 10 December 2015 11:22

Web Sites

The last years i have created (or designed) a number of web pages mostly as part of my job and sometimes helping some friends. In some of the cases apart from the site I designed the logos and banners of the companies also.

A great number of these works were made in collaboration with a friend of mine and his company WDesign in Corfu.

This joomla-based site that displays my work is also created by me, but i didn't add it to the list below for obvious reasons.

Additional Info

  • Medium: Joomla, Flash, Html, CSS
  • Date: 2009-2015

Now in Bookstores

Windy Nights

Kapsimi publication company, Oct. 2018

It's dangerous to travel in the night -especially when it's windy. But for some it's even more dangerous...  For some the moon is always red and the air smells like blood. And yet they survive. Because they have to. Because they are determined...


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