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This is an attempt for an animated comic movie with images from the comic hellboy, I found on the internet.

The finished animation had also sounds and music. Unfortunately it was on a hard drive now damaged and I could find anything else but these test version (without sounds) I had sent to some friends of mine through email.

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I created this small animation under the inspiration of a tanka poem, small poem in Japanese (unfortunately the texts here are only in greek) written by Okuma Kotomichi (1798-1868). It was a project i was hoping to achieve with several animations based on different small poems in chinese or japanese (haiku or tanka, etc.) but never really succeeded. This is the first and only try.

See the animation here

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This is a noir fotoromanzo movie produced during 2005 and 2007 but finally completed in 2010. The movie is actually made of screenshots of other famous noir films (amongst them there are "Big Sleep" (1946), "Dark Passage" (1947), "Gilda" (1946), "The Third Man" (1949), "Psycho" (1960) etc) which brings me to an awkward position to wonder whether there some legal copyright issues that should prevent me from showing the film. I'm not a big fan of copyright issues in general but anyhow I must that this film was not made in order to gain profit by any means.

The film watches a detective (the main hero) as he tries to find his way inside a mysterious case with murders, thefts, police corruption, femme fatales etc. Its duration is approximately 13 min.

Unfortunately, the initial size of the uncompressed film was over 2 Gb so i decreased its quality quite heavily with an flv format and a 30 Mb result. In my opinion, apart from some transitions the overall outcome is quite satisfying.

I have embedded the movie (from my channel in youtube) for maintenance reasons which may have resulted to some small problems in the sound synchronisation.

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This project was made during the summer and autumn of 2004 and became my diplomat for my postgraduate studies in digital arts, in ASFA. Apart from the movie there was a text with three quite distincting parts: one describing the film and the process behind it and two theoritical texts, the first about intertextuality and the second about film noir.

The concept of this film concerns a young scriptwriter who tries to complete a script about a murder scene for some movie. He ends up with six different versions of murders -in all of them he sees himself as the victim and tries to imagine what happens next. All versions derive from famous films or books (noir films -intertextuality) such as Agatha Christie's Murder on Orient Express, or Alfred Hitchock's Dial M for Murder, etc. He is a trapped man inside a fiction world with little connection to reality and other people. As the movie progresses he imagines people close to him (his boss, his friend, his fiancee, his uncle -father figure) to take the murderer's role.

The film was presented with a slight unusual format. There were three big projections on the wall (reminding of a big widescreen cinema projection) and a computer screen in front of them with a forth movie projection. On the wall, starting from the right we could see the scriptwriter inside his office trying to write each version. Next to him there was the depiction of each version and murdering scene and finally at the left the script of each version. In front of them the computer screen was playing the script of the scriptwriter himself (closing him inside text /scipts and also revealing the artificial character of this and every movie). You can see a photo representation of all this at the left.

Unfortunately for many reasons it was imposible to keep the original format here. Instead i used Korsakow, a program that gives the opportunity for links 'inside' a movie and different routes, to combine all the several aspects-movies of this project (the movies of the scriptwriter, the 6 versions of the murder, the 6 scripts for each version) adding also the animated storyboards I made and used for this film, to give a slightly different approach.

See the movie here

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This is a collection (made with Korsakow) of three films i made as projects -exercises during my studies at ASFA. All of them share a common feature: an attempt to combine text and image in order to create new meaning.


The first of them. I made it for a competition. It was obligatory to participate and as i was reluctant for several reasons and had no other idea what to to do, i made a film with an animated script combined with leit motifs for each character. At the same time i was studying conceptual art (and particularly the works of Kosuth) and was trying to create some of the pictures you can see in the Appropriation section. Proposal is a film made of words. The text here (perhaps in a more radical form than the other two films of Language) substitutes almost everything.


Epigrams is another exercise we had, creating a film influenced by an epigram. Instead of making a film myself I used four friends of mine (none of them were cinematographers) to discuss about the same subject (i know the same thing has been made a thousand times but i had no better ideas and at that time i was under a very iconoclast period). The text here is used over the image in order to provide information reagarding the film and the epigrams. Overall this film due to its length (over 10 min.) and its (quite tiring) content must be considered as a failure.


The actual greek title is "anti athootitos" but is a title i didn't exactly know how to translate it. The film (the third and last of the set) is a xercise with subject to create a movie with material of previous movies-exercises. I didn't have much material that could support the creation of another film so i used some small footage of a film we mad as a team exercise during the first semester combined with words in order to perform my script. The words here play the role of actual actors.

Unfortunately the movie is in greek and as it concerns text i must admit it is very difficult (or even impossible) to watch it if you don't speak the language. I have the intention of making subtitles sometime but until then i must apologise.

See the movie here

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Summer of 1969, Italy. A year after May '68, FIAT workers began a dynamic and unmediated strike against their powerful boss. Their struggle marked the beginning of a decade of workers' and students' mobilizations and the rise of the Autonomy movement. It was characterized by many as the last invasion of the working class into the sky. Last ... let's hope until the next one ...



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