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The Book (Tanka)

I created this small animation under the inspiration of a tanka poem, small poem in Japanese (unfortunately the texts here are only in greek) written by Okuma Kotomichi (1798-1868). It was a project i was hoping to achieve with several animations based on different small poems in chinese or japanese (haiku or tanka, etc.) but never really succeeded. This is the first and only try.

See the animation here

Additional Info

  • Medium: flash animation
  • Date: 2006

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Summer of 1969, Italy. A year after May '68, FIAT workers began a dynamic and unmediated strike against their powerful boss. Their struggle marked the beginning of a decade of workers' and students' mobilizations and the rise of the Autonomy movement. It was characterized by many as the last invasion of the working class into the sky. Last ... let's hope until the next one ...



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