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Thursday, 10 December 2015 12:38

The Scriptwriter (movie)

This project was made during the summer and autumn of 2004 and became my diplomat for my postgraduate studies in digital arts, in ASFA. Apart from the movie there was a text with three quite distincting parts: one describing the film and the process behind it and two theoritical texts, the first about intertextuality and the second about film noir.

The concept of this film concerns a young scriptwriter who tries to complete a script about a murder scene for some movie. He ends up with six different versions of murders -in all of them he sees himself as the victim and tries to imagine what happens next. All versions derive from famous films or books (noir films -intertextuality) such as Agatha Christie's Murder on Orient Express, or Alfred Hitchock's Dial M for Murder, etc. He is a trapped man inside a fiction world with little connection to reality and other people. As the movie progresses he imagines people close to him (his boss, his friend, his fiancee, his uncle -father figure) to take the murderer's role.

The film was presented with a slight unusual format. There were three big projections on the wall (reminding of a big widescreen cinema projection) and a computer screen in front of them with a forth movie projection. On the wall, starting from the right we could see the scriptwriter inside his office trying to write each version. Next to him there was the depiction of each version and murdering scene and finally at the left the script of each version. In front of them the computer screen was playing the script of the scriptwriter himself (closing him inside text /scipts and also revealing the artificial character of this and every movie). You can see a photo representation of all this at the left.

Unfortunately for many reasons it was imposible to keep the original format here. Instead i used Korsakow, a program that gives the opportunity for links 'inside' a movie and different routes, to combine all the several aspects-movies of this project (the movies of the scriptwriter, the 6 versions of the murder, the 6 scripts for each version) adding also the animated storyboards I made and used for this film, to give a slightly different approach.

See the movie here

Additional Info

  • Medium: Korsakow & Digital Camera
  • Date: 2004

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