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Thursday, 10 December 2015 11:52

Language (movie)

This is a collection (made with Korsakow) of three films i made as projects -exercises during my studies at ASFA. All of them share a common feature: an attempt to combine text and image in order to create new meaning.


The first of them. I made it for a competition. It was obligatory to participate and as i was reluctant for several reasons and had no other idea what to to do, i made a film with an animated script combined with leit motifs for each character. At the same time i was studying conceptual art (and particularly the works of Kosuth) and was trying to create some of the pictures you can see in the Appropriation section. Proposal is a film made of words. The text here (perhaps in a more radical form than the other two films of Language) substitutes almost everything.


Epigrams is another exercise we had, creating a film influenced by an epigram. Instead of making a film myself I used four friends of mine (none of them were cinematographers) to discuss about the same subject (i know the same thing has been made a thousand times but i had no better ideas and at that time i was under a very iconoclast period). The text here is used over the image in order to provide information reagarding the film and the epigrams. Overall this film due to its length (over 10 min.) and its (quite tiring) content must be considered as a failure.


The actual greek title is "anti athootitos" but is a title i didn't exactly know how to translate it. The film (the third and last of the set) is a xercise with subject to create a movie with material of previous movies-exercises. I didn't have much material that could support the creation of another film so i used some small footage of a film we mad as a team exercise during the first semester combined with words in order to perform my script. The words here play the role of actual actors.

Unfortunately the movie is in greek and as it concerns text i must admit it is very difficult (or even impossible) to watch it if you don't speak the language. I have the intention of making subtitles sometime but until then i must apologise.

See the movie here

Additional Info

  • Medium: Korsakow & Digital Camera, Digital images
  • Date: 2004

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