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The painting although abstract in a large extent holds a figurative aspect.
I used grey, silver and generally metal colors to depict the city behind, and just sketched the outline of the pigeon with white. It holds a green leaf and on the left corner on top there is a blue sky trying to emerge from the grey colors of the city.

The pigeon seems to be wounded.

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These are some studies during the years 2011 to 2013. The first one is the most recent and is called "Composition". It is an abstract composition, based actually on four colors. It is the result of reworking over and over on the paper changing completely the initial image.

The second picture is called "City Clouds (Eyes)" (2012). It was made over a sketch of a face (and particular the upper segment, i.e the eyes) hence the subtitle. At some point i guess every refenence to the initial sketch was lost but i suspect that somehow it defined my whole course of action. The painting was made during a very stressful period of time -i tried to create some balance at the end (as it was looking more of a dark smudge than a painting) but i am not so sure if i succeeded.

The third picture has no name. It was made also in 2012 and it is the result of experiments with which i wasn't fully satisfied in the end.

The following picture is another untitled and a much more figurative one. The face behind is a quick self portrait.

Finally, the last painting is the oldest one and it is called "The Wound (branches)". It is an abstract work made with acrylics during the spring of 2011. The title of the work comes from the black blade near the center and top of the painting and the use of red color as dripping blood. As for the branches, is a subtitle I gave due to the similarity of the black forms of the painting.  

All paintings are made with acrylics on papers 1m x 70cm.

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