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Noir Stories: Epilogue

This is the oldest comic in this site. It's an almost 60 pages story that I started drawing the long hours of boredom during my (compulsory) service in the army (2005). The drawing style is very realistic and the colors are mostly black and white (with shades of grey -some of them added digitally) with few exceptions.

The storyline goes pretty much like this: A detective discovers a dead woman's body on his bed. Trying to find out what has happened and who that girl is he ends up in a bar called Blue Angel. There he discovers that this girl is called Nelly and has the dangerous 'habbit' of faking her own death mainly for revenge, betraying the men that loved her. The detective tries to exit the bar unsuccesfully and Nelly appears to end violently the story.

My initial thought was this to be a series of semi-autonomous stories with a noir character, where Nelly, the detective and other figures of the story would engage in different plots. This one would be the last, closing the series (thus the name 'epilogue') despite the fact that it would be published first. In fact, the order of the published stories would be mixed and each issue would contribute to the whole puzzle.

I abandoned the project for many reasons, such as lack of time and a small disappointment of the overall result of Epilogue (which has many drawing and narrative flaws).

You can download the comic in pdf format: 1st, 2nd part and 3rd part.

Additional Info

  • Medium: pencils, digital color
  • Date: 2005


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