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This comic was designed to participate in a conference about phycic health and madness, organised by a mental health activist group Initiative for a Diverse Movement in Mental Health, in 3 & 4 of March 2023.

The central themes of the comic are incarceration and obligation of treatment. An initial inspitation was the tragic deaths of people dying from fire while being chained on beds and abandoned inside mental institutes. Inside the comic there are several references to old greek rock songs, such as "Για το καλό μου" (For my own good), "Η πρώτη φορά" (The first time) and "Η ελευθερία δε νικιέται" (Freedom cannot be defeated). There is also an indirect reference on how most states chose to deal with the covid crisis.

The visual style follows my older comic "For a breath of freedom".

The translation of the comic was made by Ntina Poursanidou.



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These two sketches were made for a friend in order to be printed on various objects like t-shirts etc. Ano Syros is a medieval village on a hill in Syros. I have added the sketch for Ano Syro separately.

These works share a strong similarity (even though non intentionally) with two paintings I had made in the past as a diptych called Love at Aegean sea.

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These two sketches were made for a friend in order to be printed on various objects like t-shirts etc.

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Some first posters for my comic "for a breath of freedom" which was published in 2016 by the publication project Asymmetric Threat

The comic through the story of a girl held under special detention conditions tries to speak about imprisonment, special detention conditions, the sexist and abusive treatment by the guards, the strength and resistance that come from solidarity.

The second poster in the gallery below is based on the front cover of the comic which used an older painting of mine called "BW Portrait".

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Portraits made by pencil during 2019. Most of them were made as part of the process of creating caricatures. You can see these works here: Kyriakos Mauridis -Caricatures.


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Some drawings made during the spring of 2019.

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REBELLION is the fifth and final chapter (without PROLOGUE and EPILOGUE) of the comic We want everything based on the book of the same name by Nani Ballerini.

This chapter, as in the book, tracks the events in Turin on July 3 of '69, in what became known as the Battle of Corso Traiano (la Rivolta di Corso Traiano). The demonstration organized by the workers in the previous chapter (assembly) turns into violent street fights with the police around the Mirafiori plant, especially in Corso Traiano, but also in other areas of Turin, such as Nicelino.

Unlike the previous chapter, here action is dominant. Because the narrative in the book is very dense, I have tried to draw the main points and build an escalation -sacrifing however (small) episodes and details that may seem important to some.

Another problem I encountered was the historical precision of details such as the buildings on the streets mentioned, the uniforms / cars / equipment of the carabinieri etc. Where I could not find appropriate photographs from the internet, I used material from the film Lavorare con lentezza (especially for some scenes in Nicelino), from google maps as well as more general pictures of barricades and street fights with policemen from May 68 and Italian Autonomy.


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A 7th page epilogue of the comic We Want Everything, based on the book with the same name by N. Balestrini.

This epilogue tries to summarize what succeeded the events in the comic and resulted in the movement of Autonomia.

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This short story comes from Linhart Robert's book "L' ETABLI". Actually, it is the result of the combination of two separate stories of the book (relating to two separate individuals). As they describe in my opinion in a very vivid (but also brief) way the workers' lives both inside and outside the factory, I decided to make this short story as a prologue to the comic We Want Everything.

It was this model of the obedient worker who's never absent, does everything well, bends his head, stays speechless and helpless in front of work changes (rationalization) and awaits simply to come to retirement, that the young workers and students decided to overthrow in 1968 (and over the next decade) and is described in the main comic book: wild strikes, repetitive stopovers, sabotage, contempt of trade union leaders and all kinds of representatives, etc.

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THE ASSEMBLY is the forth chapter of the comic We want everything based on the book by Nani Ballestrini.

In this chapter, we see the assembly (assemblea) of FIAT workers and ​​university students at the weekend and briefly the events before the big demonstration on July 3, 1969 (which will be presented in detail in the next chapter, The Rebellion).

This chapter is for the most part consisted of the points of view of the participants in the assembly. This means that the action scenes are minimal and in essence what we are mainly reading are the views behind the mobilizations of those times in FIAT (but also in universities, other factories, etc.) This was also my biggest problem - how to present in an interesting way a scenario consisting mainly of speeches and dialogue. I tried to become as inclusive as possible so as not to tire the reader but without depriving him of something that I may consider as important.

Next and final chapter will be Rebellion.

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We Want Everything

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Summer of 1969, Italy. A year after May '68, FIAT workers began a dynamic and unmediated strike against their powerful boss. Their struggle marked the beginning of a decade of workers' and students' mobilizations and the rise of the Autonomy movement. It was characterized by many as the last invasion of the working class into the sky. Last ... let's hope until the next one ...



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