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Another abstract study. It is made with blue transparent triangles on top of each other.

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A study of a triangular composition. The image is painted with layers of color on top of each other (either with transparent greys or with dripping white and black)

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This work is based on an earlier abstract landscape (of a smaller size) that is called Village. In fact it has a similar structure but a larger size and a complete different color range (and approach).

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In this work i wanted to combine the pseudocubistic technique i have used on some of my landscapes with a more abstract vision. That's the reason i placed it here even though you can clearly see parts of the landscape. In fact this work is a combination of two other paintings of mine, two landscapes of syros. I used a rough study -guide made by the combination of their photos digitally.

The color range is very limited: almost the entire work is made by variations of three colors (red, black and white) and their mixtures.

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This is another quite abstract landscape made with the pseudocubistic technique. This painting shares a lot in common with the painting Dusk -perhaps they will be part of a larger set of similar landscapes of dreamy cities on an abstract cubistic environment.

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This is a quite large painting depicting an abstract landscape. I cannot claim that it's a spontaneous work as it is the result of some older studies worked in paper and digitally. The subtitle comes from the resemblance of this work with some space landscapes (at least concerning the color range). Moreover it reminds me (I am not sure why -perhaps because of the blue colors or the sharp forms) of some paintings by the Surrealist painter Yves Tanguy.

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A geometrical composition with rectangles flying over a dark brown surface with a big fat red tape. Again here I used the 4,6,9 division of the surface. My purpose was to create movement and depth. I'm not sure if I succeeded.

(Private Collection)

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I created this small painting during a short vacation at a mountain village close to Lake Plastira, in Karditsa. At the same time I was working at another small painting, a geometrical (pseudocubic) landscape of the same view (you can see the other painting in the gallery below). I must confess this is a painting I'm very fond of, regardless of its size.

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In Betrayal the main concern is words and their use. Certain phrases and words that came to mean nothing (and in my opinion this wasn't an accident) and instead of unite people came to divide them. (I suppose this is one of the meanings for me of the black and white rectangles below the unfolding red surface).

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This work is strongly influenced by the works of Mark Rothko.
(private collection)

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