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This painting is a reproduction of the work The Lovers (II), 1928 by R. Magritte. You can find more about the original painting here.

Apart from any drawing incapacities /differences the two works (original and copy) share a major difference: the colors in my work are more vivid and the transitions are sharper. The first was made deliberately even though the final result on your computer screens is affected by the digitization of the work (photograph and digital corrections).

As for the sharper color transitions the main reason is the use of acrylics instead of oil colors. Perhaps it needed another layer of corrections but I chose to stop here. The result was already satisfying (for a copy made as a study) and my concern and time were already devoted to other works.

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A reproduction of the painting by T. Lautrec. You can find more about the original painting here. A deliberate change here is the use of metallic colors (blues and reds) which resulted in stronger reflections. This is the reason why i added more photos of the painting from different angles.

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This work is a reproduction of the painting The Slave Ship, by J.W. Turner (1840) (you can read more about the original painting here).

As I haven't seen this particular painting live, I relied on photos I found on the internet in order to complete this copy. Unfortunately there were many versions /images of the painting with differences mainly on the saturation of the colors. In fact I used a different version than the one depicted on the link above. 

I began the painting almost without any initial drawing (I had only marked the ship and the horizon). You can see two of the stages of the work in the gallery below. I tried to create textures through thick layers of color applied with knife (spatula). Because I used acrylics and not oil colors it was more difficult to make as soft the color transitions as the ones in the original painting. And this I suppose is one of the various differences /mistakes of this copy. However, both because of the work involved and its subject this painting is one of my favourites. 

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This is a copy of the painting Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh. You can read more about the painting here.

The painting along with the two other copies (Starry Night and Cafe Terrace at Night -you can see them both here) completes a series of copies on van Gogh paintings usually grouped under the name of starry night.

In this particular painting I tried to create various textures on the paper (with thick layers of paint but also with other mediums -sand etc). I didn't succeed on creating the actual surface of the original painting (there is much more abstract approach).

The colors of the painting appear more darkened and saturated on the photo.

(private collection)


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This is a copy of the painting The Model Resting by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (you can see more here).

I used acrylics which are quite close (at least in terms of speed of working) to temperas (the medium used in the original painting). I tried to keep some of the spontaneous character of the image with the use of individual strokes.

(private collection)

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Three new copies of paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The first copy is of the painting Starry Night (info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Starry_Night) and is made with acrylics on paper (50 x 70 cm). The second one is a reproduction of one of the Sunflowers paintings (Still Life - Vase with Twelve Sunflowers) and is made with watercolor pastels on paper (app. 30 x 40 cm). The last one is also made with watercolor pastels (app. 30 x 40 cm) and is a copy of the painting Cafe Terrace at Night.

(private collection)

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A reproduction of a painting by Chagall, with the name The Equestrian, 1931.

(private collection)

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This is a copy of the painting Seated Female Nude, by A. Modigliani. It was made with watercolor pastels.

There is a change regarding the initial painting, and this is about the color of the hair, which I chose to paint them blonde instead of black.


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This is a small reproduction of the painting Ceci n'est pas une pomme, by Rene Magritte. It was made with temperas (which resulted to a less saturated version of the image)

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Another copy of a work by Nikos Eggonopoulos, with the name "Civil War".

(Unfortunately the copy I saw and made my reproduction was cut through the edges -so this is the case for my work too).

If you want to find out more about the painter and poet N. Eggonopoulos you can visit the site :http://www.engonopoulos.gr/_homeEN/

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