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Older abstract studies. In order of appearance:


The main inspiration for this painting was the murder of a young student (Alexis Grigoropoulos) by a policeman in Athens on December 2008, that began a huge wave of demonstrations against police brutality. This painting was exhibited along with many others at the React Festival in Syros.

Untitled (black)

This very simple painting was exhibited also at the React Festival in Syros. The limited use of colors (only three: black, silver and red) has, I suppose, a symbolic meaning.

Untitled (blue)

This is another experiment. I wanted to create a similar composition with the Composition (above) with the use of cold colors (blue, white, silver) and newspapers in the place of the yellow rectangles. I finished the painting with an expressionistic use of red.

Untitled (La revolution)

Again here, I find the same preoccupation with words and their meaning (in a much more spontaneous result). This painting must be considered mostly as an experiment.


This is the older work here (and it's been destroyed). All I have left is this photo. Its size was quite large (app. 1,5 x 1m) and was made with plastic color and newspapers on paper.


An abstract represenation of the village Oia in Santorini and its famous sunset (Private Collection).

Published in Paintings Sketches

This work is not actually an illustration but a map (with some illustrations). It depicts the fictional world of the books by G.R. Martin (The book of Ice and Fire).

It is based on various maps (and illustrations) I saw on the internet. Its size is appr. 1,5 x 1m. 

Published in Illustrations

This landscape is based on a photograph of favelas in Rio. It is actually the same subject with the painting Fences ( different photo of the same site). Using the (pseudo)cubistic technique led to me to some simplifications but i kept some of the figurative elements like windows, or fences. The big wired fence that covers the whole painting was also in the photo.


Published in Landscapes

Another abstract study based on two colors (blue and yellow). I wanted to create a high contrast between these two colors and their shapes -forms (line vs more abstract color surfaces)


Published in Abstract

An abstract study on two main colors (purple and yellow). The initial inspiration for the painting was a small story from the history of art (and the color theory) about Delacroix, a yellow carriage that didn't look gold enough, and the purple background that was given as a solution.The painting's texture is enriched by various clothes and torn papers glued on the surface area.  


Published in Abstract

This is a quick study of an imaginary seascape (composed by various photos i found on the internet). It was made with a more free, "abrupt" technique, with large brush strokes, knife (spatula), and very wet, fluid color...

(private collection)

Published in Landscapes

This painting is inspired by pictures of favelas. Some of the photos are added in the gallery below. They were refenence photos and i felt free to add things.

Some of the colors (especially some metal ones) change value depending on the position of the viewer and light -something which cannot be seen easily in the photos of the painting.

Published in Landscapes

This painting was made after a photo of a picturesque village-town in the province of Salerno, in the region of Campania, in Italy, called Amalfi. (You can see a photo of the town in the gallery). I have used a similar technique with most of my other landscapes -and judging by the color range and the layout, this painting shares a lot in common with the painting called Corfu rooftops.

Published in Landscapes

This work was meant to be a pair with the first Athens painting. It uses the same pseudocubic technique with most of my other landscapes. Here the city is more monochromatic so as to make contrast with the red zone in the middle.

I have my doubts about the finished painting (especially for the red zone over it) as it may seem to be a rather provocative work with no actual depth. It was an excuse for me to use various techniques (as for the colors) but the final result, i think, is less powerful than i hoped.

Published in Landscapes

This is an almost cubistic landscape of Athens. There are two major influences for this painting: cubism of course and the political situation in Athens and Greece. Although the work has some similarities with many cubistic paintings (the color range, the scattered forms, the letters etc) I am relectant to call it cubistic as its rectangle forms don't offer a 3d view of the objects (buildings) but resemble rectangles on top of each other (like i did to a greater extent in many other landscapes).

Published in Landscapes
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