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This is the second painting i made with this technique inspired by some works I saw in the internet (the first one follows right below). I wanted to create a dreamy place, a closed room, a girl waiting, a boy offering a flower through a small window. I used purple, red and blue colors to display the night.

The wooden borders of the canvas are painted red.

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This painting was inspired by my keen interest on medieval manuscripts and their illustrations. Apart from their visual beauty, i find fascinating the resemblance between comics and these illustrations as they both try to tell a story with visual means.

Here, I try to tell a story also. A story with a more or less clear political message and a medieval aesthetic…

I used acrylics as the painting has many small details that would demand great amount of time if I used oil colors. However I must admit that I'm not fully satisfied with the blue color of my skies (as trying to graduate from white to dark blue the paper got wrinkled by the amount of water)

Because of the gloss varnish I wasn’t able to photograph the painting so well. I have added a different version in the gallery –the actual painting’s colors are somewhere between these two versions. 

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An older work of small size more like a study rather than an original piece of work.

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This is an image inspired by demonstrations and riots in the streets of Athens. I got fascinated by a photo of a young boy (the state and media call them "koukouloforous" trying to undervalue their political reaction) throwing a road cone to the cops, with big fires around him.

This is an expressionistic version of this photo with the cone almost ready to leave the borders of the painting.

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This diptych depicts a love story. A young girl is trapped inside the rock and waits for her lover outside (there is an image of Syros behind him) to free her. The paintings were designed to be given as a present to a friendly couple but I changed my mind and gave them something else.

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Obviously the painting was inspired by the riots in Athens on December 2008 when a policeman murdered a young boy called Alexis Grigoropoulos. I must admit that this work is clearly in favor of the one side of this opposition but it was a situation that (in my opinion) couldn't afford 'objectivity' and detachment.

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Two more paintings of the young lady series (you can see the rest here). Both of them were inspired (as a structure) by works of the painter Mark Rothko. These large monochromatic segments were made using mathematical /musical divisions.

The first painting is called A young lady in Caribbean. The second A young lady in Sahara and the young woman is posing in front of a salt lake. 

Both works are based on photos.


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Another romantic story with Rhodes landscape at the left and Syros at the right. The theme with the girl and the balloon has appeared also in another painting of mine.

The paintings were given as a gift to a friendly couple.

In 2013 the painting with syros illustrated the front cover of a freepress magazine called Serious. 

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Three paintings of a very close friend of mine. I call them "young lady series" (there are two more). All of them are based on photos. From these three I think the most successful one is the first.

A young lady on the mirror, 2011 

It's quite a traditional portrait with a dark brown background (reminding the classic portraits of baroque etc). Due to my lack of experience with the use of acrylics, I wasn't able to make the portrait more alive and fresh as I wanted but despite this I’m satisfied with the overall result (mostly because of the sketch and the face expression). (30 x 40 cm)

Bienvenidos, 2010

Another painting of the young lady series. It combines a full body portrait and a photo of a wall I had seen in Cuba (in Trinidad). The proportions of the body could be made better (although here they are also even more distorted by the photo). I like the colors, though. (60 x 40 cm)

Portrait of a young lady, 2009

Another portrait of the young lady series. I used cold colors in order to emphasize the yellow hair. It is a painting I like, although it doesn’t resemble much the actual person. (50 x 70 cm)

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The idea was to have two paintings with opposing colors one next to other. The first one had a girl getting lifted by a huge balloon and the second one of a boy offering a huge flower (the initial idea was that the boy should be getting lifted by the flower too). The two paintings were to be functioning complementary.

For my personal record I copied the blue one which I liked it more (in the other painting I was having trouble with the color of the balloon and the brown shades of the orange background). You can see a photo of the original set clicking the thumb here.

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