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Modigliani Copies

Another painter whose work i'm fond of, is A. Modigliani. I have copied two of his paintings Sleeping Nude with Arms Open (Red Nude), 1917 and Almaisa 1916. Both of the copies were made with oil colors around 2004.

Sleeping Nude with Arms Open (Red Nude)

This famous painting by Modigliani reveals the influence of Van Gogh. The works of Modigliani and Van Gogh are often regarded as distorted. The picture reflects the accuracy of a camera. It is obvious that physically the artist was very close to the model. The viewer of the painting may wonder as to what kind of relationship the artist may have had with his model or why he chose not to show what is behind their eyes.

This painting is a fine example of Modigliani’s figure painting with an elegant arresting arrangement of curved lines and planes as well as a striking idealization of feminine sexuality.

Modigliani is regarded as master of ‘painting of the sensual.’ In this painting, the naked woman is depicted as sleeping. She is unblemished and has all symmetries. The artist has shown his subject in the foreground in close-up, as if he is forcing the viewer to react emotionally. The sinuous lines are inviting and the breasts are like eyes, to cachet on.

The prevailing atmosphere is peaceful, quite and cozy. She is at ease, with her eye-lids shut and a wry smile. The abstraction of the woman makes the voyeurism more acceptable and invites longer viewing time.

The plasticity and rich warm color palette are salubrious and calm. This painting is a fine example of ‘Sensual Art.’ The painting is pedagogic to the general society as it is categorized as “Art.” It is erotic, inspires to be sexual, but offers more of a narrative than just pornography’s narrow one.

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Link to the painting


Link to the painting

Additional Info

  • Medium: oil on paper
  • Size: 1m x 70 cm
  • Date: 2004
  • Availability: Available

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