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Hobbit hole

This is my first completed diorama. It is a model and draft for a real (hopefully) construction and its scale is 1m->5cm. The construction materials for the building and the ground are cardboard (mainly), clay, stucco and sifted soil. The grass was made in two ways: One was with finely cut, painted sponge (the yellow part of it) and the second was with painted (in various shades) sawdust. For the roof I used the green part of sponges (to give volume) and on top I glued the grass. At the edge of the diorama I have built a structure that looks like a well which will actually be something like a wood stove, and on top I have placed the solar oven.
The glues I used were PVA and hot silicone.
You can see the progress of the work (as well as the interior of the hobbit house) in the gallery photos.

The diorama was done at almost minimal cost (since it was originally intended to be used as a blueprint for something else). This means that I used whatever materials were available at the time. So in hindsight, I think the choice of cardboard was problematic as I mostly used cardboard pieces, which have a gap on the side (between their two sheets) which looks ugly.
Also, the roof does not rest at all on one of the door columns.

Additional Info

  • Medium: cardboard, clay, stucco, sifted soil, acrylics...
  • Date: 2023

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