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Crafts with paper rolls

Easy constructions with cardboard rolls to make with your child. I've seen most of them from websites and videos (there are tons of ideas out there if one is willing to look for them). The materials I used are toilet paper rolls, thick colored cardboard, eyelets for crafts, paints.
The small planes are about 5 to 7 cm in size. Here I used thin cardboard rolls, temperas, silicone glue, craft wood, bottle caps and for the helicopter some extra materials (plastic for the rear propeller, a metal base for the propeller and a piece of glass for the front).
From time to time we have made other crafts with our children but I couldn't find them (lost through time and changing houses).

Additional Info

  • Medium: toilet rolls, cardboards, colors, glue etc.
  • Date: 2022

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