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This semi-abstracted painting was made under the influence of ideas against prisons (the panopticon model gave me the inspiration for the building) and especially the new high security prisons greek state is trying to create. The second title comes from the game of thrones book to express the snow depicted on the painting but also the era we live and how human rights are being demolished and people are living under constant threat of their privacy and freedom due to states and laws.

UPDATE 2016: This work became the back cover of the comic For a breath of freedom, published by the publication project Asymmetric Threat.

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This painting is the result of two things: on the one hand an attempt to exploit a piece of plastic net (which had long been painted black) and a preference i had lately for large portraits. In essence (and not a very original thought i must admit) I thought the net should block something: eyes or mouth (eventually choosing the latter), so I had to create a person behind it (not something specific, without any sketching) that will should be black and white.

The painting is created by thin layers of paint on top of each other, except for some points (e.g. eyes) wherein there is a more "thick" layer of paint.

UPDATE 2016: This work became the front cover of the comic For a breath of freedom, published by the publication project Asymmetric Threat.

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The "for a breath of freedom" was initially written in the autumn of 2014, during hunger strike of N. Romanos and was completed about a year later (early October 2015). It is evident that the struggle of Romanos, alongside with the prisoners’ hunger strike in the spring of ‘15 played a key role in how the story unfolded. One of the main influences (perhaps the most important one) for the comic was a brochure entitled "Mapping the specific conditions of detention" (from the collective discourse and action project "Perasma", in Patras) on the special conditions of detention. Some of them are complete isolation, white cells with 24-hour light and electronic monitoring, taken to courtyard alone, censorship and the overall restriction of communication with the outside world, the psychological pressure, violence, vaginal checks and depreciation / rape of detainees' body.

The conditions described in the comic (and based on a summary of the brochure) do not exactly describe the current greek reality -especially after the prisoners’ struggle during last spring. But outline the nightmarish direction that gets the increasing criminalization and control of our lives. The initial emotional shock reading the brochure was succeeded by rage and the pursuit for denunciation -but even more for resistance, support and solidarity with the struggles of prisoners.

Other sources and influences were the books "Political prisoner and Special Conditions of Imprisonment" by the Trans-Siberian editions, the " LES PRISONS DE LA MISERE " of WACQUANT JD LOIC, the "Run, People, Run" of GONZALLES XOSE-TARRIO, the brochure " La société punitive" by M. Foucault, the film "Tacit Death: A smothered cry from the cells of isolation," the comics by Joe Sacco but also the Don Quixote.

UPDATE 2016: The comic was published by the publication project Asymmetric Threat.

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This comic was inspired by the poems of a greek poet Nikos Kavvadias, and especially the two poems called "William George Allum" and "Marabu". Unfortunately i haven't found any english translations of these two poems (you can find some other translations in this link). I will try and give a short description of the two poems:

William George Allum: The poem starts with our narrator saying that he had met a very strange English stoker. Everybody was telling him that this stoker had a very painful story. He had tattoos on all over his body, and especially on top of his heart a very beautiful and wild woman. She was the love of his life but she betrayed him with another sailor and so he tried to forget everything about her. But on his chest remained the painting of her. Many sailors had seen him during the night rubbing his chest so as to erase her tattoo -in vain. Some night near Bay of Biskay, they found him dead with a knife in his heart. The captain said he tried to erase his stigma (painting, tattoo) and ordered to bury him in the sea.

Marabu: In this poem the narrator tells us that there are stories about him, that he is a lousy punk, that he never sleeps with women, that he takes drugs and has tattoos on all over his body. But (he tells us) his true story is different: in one of his trips, when he was young, he had met a girl, the daughter of a wealthy Egyptian, who had killed himself. She traveled around the world to forget her sorrow. Our narrator and this girl became friends and loved each other deeply. When they had to leave each other they exchanged presents (he gave her a small cross, and she gave him a large wallet) and he was the most depressed man on earth. He never forgot her as he had her photo as his guardian angel. One night on a foreign port he got very drunk and followed a prostitute to her place. Next morning when he tried to pay her she screamed staring at his wallet. He saw the cross on her neck. It was her. She left her place like a madman and never got over it.

The comic is published by the publishing company Kapsimi (ΚΨΜ) and in case you are interested in it you could order it here.

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This is a 6-page comic (without the cover) that i made for some online lessons. Its starting point was the film Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock. If i was to categorise it to some genre, i would dare to say "superhero", even though it works more like a parody.


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This is a 7pages story for a boy getting trapped into a dream. I wanted each page to have a dominant color. The two grey pics are used as an intro (falling into sleep) and closure (waking up) and most probably are closer to real life. The original plan was to have many other stories of people trapped in dreams, but so far I've created only one more.

The story was published in "9" magazine the spring of 2008.

All texts are in greek. I used Photoshop for coloring and lettering.

Underneath the gallery of this comic's pictures I have added an online collection of some of my short comics, including: Rear Window, The Train, The Stranger, Let Us Describe, Dreamcatcher I and II, and Once Upon a Time.

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