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Monday, 16 May 2016 09:04

Altai -Colored

This is a series of colored illustrations for the book Altai by Wu Ming. These images were based on the sketches I had made several years before (and you can see them here, along with more details about the book).

There are two versions of each image, the initial result of the coloring process and another one trying to resemble watercolor pictures (my personal choice).

Technically, all colors were added digitally (with photoshop). In most cases they are quite bright and saturated. I suspect I have made several mistakes (apart from the drawing ones) concerning historical accuracy (eg. the clothes' colors etc.). I tried to create or apply textures with a similar procedure as if these surfaces were 3d objects. 

Additional Info

  • Medium: pen, digital color
  • Date: 2015-2016

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