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Friday, 05 February 2016 08:23


This is a cabinet made from a hard paper box (taken from supermarket) painted to look like a cube-building made of bricks. There is a window with bars (like a window of a prison cell). Inside the box the walls are covered with various texts. On the one side there is a small notebook (playing the role of bed) and on the other side there are some small bottles of paint (i used to use them to paint miniatures). In the centre of the room there is a metal triangle (used for christmas carols) and some small bells attached to a rope that leads back to bed and on top of it where lays a saxophone ligature.

My initial thought was to make a personal cabinet that would contain things i used to collect from my early years (so as to be more "authentic") instead of trying to fill it with some new stuff now. But then i realised that i never used to be a regular collector of any kind of things except from texts. Whenever i read a phrase from a book, a poem etc that intrigued me i used to write it down to a small notebook (like the one here in the cabinet). So i decided to cover my cabinet with a wallpaper made of some of these texts. Another habbit i used to have as a boy was to "collect" miniature armies (mostly medieval) not as a collector but for the joy of painting them and play with them afterwards. Unfortunately i didn't have some of these figures with me, but i had my paints so there they were, (also to symbolise my interest in painting). Finally this last year i developed an interest in music (saxophone) and started to collect strange (small, cheap) stuff for making self made percursion instruments (like a cajon) and so i had some small bells left. The triangle came to me as an idea by association to the bells (music and christmas), but also as a link to chilhood memories (represented here by the miniature paints).

The idea to transform the box into a prison cell came to me as soon as i decided to use the texts, perhaps because of a strong belief that I have that the texts I read define not only my work, but also my life in general, forming something like a boundary, a limit, a restriction... I tried to emphasize the existence of the window with the bars (that represent my small prison cell) with the use of lighting...

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