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A first version of the text of "Arrival" was written a few years ago in a totally different context. Having recently read the Seventh Man (Antifa Scripta, 2012), I decided to illustrate this old poem by modifying some of the original text.
The Berger, Mor book deals with immigration before 1975 (when migratory laws began to change in most countries) but contains many useful elements and overturns several myths that still apply today. The two quotes on the first and last page of the comic illuminate two of the central ideas behind the illustration.
Pages 8 and 9 derive from the idea of ​​transferring surplus value from the low organic composition capital (stores, restaurants, bars etc, small bosses of all kinds), where immigrants often work almost as slaves, to the highly organic capital structure (companies with high technological advanced and very expensive equipment, nuclear plants, etc). This idea is developed in George Caffentzis' "The work/energy crisis and the apocalypse".
Many of the comic images came from searching the web (or photos from the Seventh Man). Especially for the last two pages I found the picture here: HOME FRONT, the "Muslim" proletariat in Britain after the 11th 9th.

Published in Windy Nights

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Windy Nights

Kapsimi publication company, Oct. 2018

It's dangerous to travel in the night -especially when it's windy. But for some it's even more dangerous...  For some the moon is always red and the air smells like blood. And yet they survive. Because they have to. Because they are determined...


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