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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 10:02

Othello: Imazighen A

Othello is a comic story happening in Italy at 1300 (mostly in Florence and Rome –even though there are plenty of references in other parts of Europe). The two main heroes are Othello and Dante and this is an era when in Florence the battle between black and white guelphs is thriving. And let’s not forget the everlasting shadow of Rome and Vatican, with Pope Boniface VIII pulling the strings behind the scenes in order to abolish democracy in Florence.

Alongside with the political conflicts in Florence (where Dante plays a major role) we hear the story of Othello, before his arrival in Venice and his becoming the hero of another (far more famous and great) story…

This is the first part (of a total three) of the prologue with the title Imazighen, a word used by the Berbers to describe themselves and literally means “free people”.

In this issue we see the first encounter between Dante and Othello. It is the summer of 1300 and Dante is member of the council of the 6 priori that govern the city. Florence (and the council) are divided into two sides: white guelphs (with Dante as a prominent member) and black guelphs (with exiled Corso Donati as their leader and the support of the Vatican behind the scenes)

Additional Info

  • Medium: pen, digital color
  • Date: 2014

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