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This is the result painting of a smaller study with temperas (that I've lost). Their main (and perhaps only) difference is the vividness of the colors and shades.

The subject of this image share many things in common with the Fairytale triptych above.

The painting is framed with a black wooden frame.

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These paintings were created at around 2005 with a clear interest in perspective and geometry. However I wasn't satisfied with the background of the two figures and finally I changed it completely in 2009. As many of the other diptychs there are some key elements to each image to link with the other.

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Perhaps this is one of the oldest works in the site. It includes two smaller paintings inside the painting and a clear influence by renaissance and mannerist paintings. The image at the center of the painting was an older original painting now lost.

The mannequins here are almost completely human-like with quite unusual manneristic poses (and stretched figures).

I kind of like this painting even though there are many small flaws with the most notable one the girl's upper body.

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This is one of my favourite appropriation works. It combines many of the themes that interested me in painting (appropriation, (pseydo)cubistic landscape, mannequin figures).

The work behind it belongs to Caravaggio and is called The Entombment of Christ (1602–1603). After watching a photograph of Che Guevara a few moments after being murdered, I was amazed by the great resemblance of his face and the face of Christ in Caravaggio's painting. That was the starting point. The second inspiration was my journey in Cuba, the spring of 2008. Afterwards, my ideas cleared a lot about the general meaning I was hoping to achieve and it was inevitable to carry on with the painting.

Apart from the face of Che I changed the whole upper segment of the painting (the group of people holding him and their background). I gave military clothes to the two persons holding Che (one of them reminds Fidel) and behind them I used mannequins with a shift from a Picasso-like face to a oval face like the ones Dali used to create and then another transformation to more cubical forms to match with the geometrical dismantling background of Cuba on top. I added a spanish ship (like the one Colombus used when he discovered Cuba) approaching the island and the Monument of Revolution with the statue of Martin X ready to confront it.

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