Let us Describe

Let us Describe, 2013 Let us Describe, 2013
This short comic is based on the short poem Let us Describe by Gertrude Stein. This poem is one of
the most descriptive ones (even though it ends with a more stein-ish manner). The poem's text is
the following :
Let us describe how they went. It was a very windy night and the road although in excellent
condition and extremely well graded has many turnings and although the curves are not sharp the
rise is considerable. It was a very windy night and some of the larger vehicles found it more
prudent not to venture. In consequence some of those who had planned to go were unable to do so.
Many others did go and there was a sacrifice, of what shall we, a sheep, a hen, a cock, a village,
a ruin, and all that and then that having been blessed let us bless it.
The poem describes a somehow vague story. Filling in some small details (and hoping that i didn't
meshed the whole poem) guided me to the decision of the inverted colors. The pictorial style
(resembling cubism at least at some points) was influenced by Stein's friendship with Picasso (it
is a slightly more cubistic approach to his portrait of hers that we see in the first page).


Additional Info

  • Medium: ink, digital color
  • Date: 2013
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